Human Whack A Mole

Yes, that Viral Game, Giant Human Whack A Mole is in the HOUSE! Now you can bop your friends and family on the head all in good fun.

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25ft Inflatable Movie Screen

This Giant Inflatable Movie Screen is perfect for crowds of all sizes. Best for large Township Movies in the Park, Corporate Parties and Events, and School Events.

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Movie Projector Screen - Indoor/Outdoor

Our smaller movie screen is perfect for a smaller crowd. It can be used for Backyard Parties, or can be put indoor to watch your beloved sports teams and more!

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Giant Human Snow Globe

Ever dreamed of being inside a magical snow globe? Now you can be!
Our Giant Snow Globe is available to rent for photo opportunities. Guests may stand in front, or climb inside for an awesome holiday family photo.
This item may be rented as a prop and DIY photos, or add our photographer, staff and printing station to have photos taken and printed on site.

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The Meltdown Mechanical Ride

The Meltdown is an exciting and fast-paced multi-player activity great for all ages. This activity tests your ability to pay attention and react quickly to a bar that is coming to knock you off your pedestal!
Duck under or jump over the meltdown bars as they rotate around the playing field. The operator can change their direction at any time. Our staff can adjust the level of difficulty based on participants.

Perfect for large events such as Project Graduations, Post Proms, Township Days, and Family Reunions!


Toxic Drop 2 Lane Obstacle Course

Pick a friend and race through SEVEN challenging obstacles ending with the Toxic Drop!

Try your best to make it past the drop and end the course speeding down the giant slide.

If you fall down the drop, you land on a soft pillow, exit and try again!

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Ferris Wheel Bounce / Slide / Game Combo

The Ferris Wheel Combo is one of our favorite new items this year. It looks awesome in an event space instantly giving a carnival vibe. This Combo is spacious inside and has visibility on all sides so parents can see the kids playing.

This combo features obstacles, a climb & slide, a basketball hoop, and even a fun dart game on the outside! It's the perfect birthday party activity that will keep the kids entertained all day.

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Sticky Dodgeball

Dodgeball has taken on a new look. Instead of the ball bouncing off of you, it sticks to you! The inside of this inflatable is covered in velcro, participants wear velcro vests and play with velcro covered balls. Be the player with the least amount of balls stuck to their vest to win!

Remove all the velcro and this inflatable reveals a giant 3D game of Twister! See 3D Twister for more on this.

Run tournaments, play for fun... multiple people can play this at one time and of course the rules can bend based on your event needs.

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3D Twister Game

Invite a group of friends and play a game of Twister - but not just on the floor - play up the walls too!

This item is available as a combo unit as well and transforms into Sticky Dodgeball.

Run tournaments, or just let your guests play for fun! Multiple people can play at a time - great for large groups!

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Football Toss - 2 Player Quarterback Challenge

Test your skills to see if you can throw like your favorite NFL Quarterback! Two players can compete to see how many passes they can complete.

Our inflatable is decked out in Eagles colors for all our Philadelphia fans!

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Soccer Darts AND Archery Darts

It's the game of darts in a challenging new way!
This activity is great for soccer practices, and a fun way to build skills in hand/eye coordination.

Play soccer darts with your feet and a velcro covered soccer ball.
Try your hand at archery and play with a real bow and soft velcro arrows.

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Inflatable Movie Screen

Our Soccer Dart Inflatable features a screen on the back for viewing movies. Rent this as a package and play during the day, then have a movie night in the backyard under the stars!

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Connect A Shot - Basketball Connect 4

It's the classic game of Connect 4, but instead of tokens, you play with mini basketballs!

Shoot a hoop into a desired row attempting to connect 4 balls of the same color.

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Tropical Paradise 2 Lane Wet/Dry Slide

Our new 2 Lane Waterslide will make your party feel like a Tropical Paradise!
*This slide may also be used dry.

Standing at 22 feet tall, the Tropical Paradise Waterslide is big enough for adults to enjoy, but not too big and scary for little kids to have fun too!

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Slime Machine

Cover your friends in SLIME! Have a Game Show Party just like on Nickelodeon complete with a Slime Machine.

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Bucket Brigade

Find a volunteer to be the "Friendly "Heckler" - this is the person who sits in the chair waiting to be totally soaked in water. Participants will throw a ball at the target on the backdrop. A hit of the target makes the water balloon pop and splash all over the Heckler.

We call it a "Friendly Heckler" because it's more fun when participants have some encouragement to really soak that person in the chair!

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Photo Booth - Digital Centre

Our new Photo Booth is super portable and Hi-Tech!

We include set up and break down time, copies of the prints, customization, fun PROPS, optional background and an attendant!

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Giant Tic-Tac-Toe & 4 Spot (Connect 4) Inflatable

Our new Giant Tic-Tac-Toe inflatable has Giant 4-Spot ready to go on the other side! This is a great piece for large events for at least 4 people to play on at once. Games can be quick, or enjoyed over and over again.

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Giant Horseshoes

These horseshoes may be giant, but don't worry, they are much softer than regular horseshoes! Challenge any horseshoe pro you know to this old favorite backyard game.

Set up is easy in any indoor or outdoor space - on grass, pavement, sand, you name it!

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Turkey Hunter Classic Arcade Game

Using a toy shotgun, shoot the turkeys flying or running across the screen!

Gobble Gobble Gobble

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Super Mario Multi-Cade Arcade Game

The new Mario Multi-Cade Arcade features 750 different games! Some include Dungeons & Dragons, X-Men, Marvel Super Heroes and more.

Can you play all the games? Let us know how many you were able to play and win!

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Donkey Kong Jr Multi-Cade Arcade Game

Donkey Kong Jr. is another arcade game that features old classics but in a brand new console.

Featuring 60 different games, this is another great item to have in an arcade!

Show the kids how Donkey Kong was played in the good ol' days.

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Big Hurt Pinball Arcade Game

The Big Hurt Pinball features baseball related phrases from the beloved game. The game keeps score, lights up, and makes all kinds of noises as you play. Do well and get additional pin balls to play with at one time!

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Bubble Hockey Arcade Game

Our brand new bubble hockey is nice and shiny!
Never worry about pucks flying around a room with this completely enclosed arcade game.

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Electronic Darts

Another item great for indoor events and will complete your arcade! No need to worry about keeping score, this electronic system does all the work for you. Store prizes on the built in shelves!

This item is available for long term rentals as well.

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Anti Gravity Carnival Game

Challenge your patience and ability to balance a ball on top of two cues and drop it at just the right time to hit your desired score.

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Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game

The Bean Bag Toss is a classic carnival game with simple rules - but this one is challenging with different sized targets!

The game is conveniently made to sit on a table top and is ready to go!


Boardwalk Bicycle Ice Cream Carts

Available for rent, or to have as an addition to an event with our staff, these bicycle carts are a super fun way to distribute or sell ice cream! -Recommended to use with individually wrapped ice cream novelties or Mini Melts.

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Kiddie Chairs

Need chairs for a kids craft station, or Magic Show at the party? These chairs are the perfect size for little legs to walk right up and sit comfortably.


J-Dogs On-The-Go Catering Trailer

Let us cater your next event with a festival flare!

Store drinks in the front, we'll add your custom menu sign to the menu space, and serve your choice of foods during the party.

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Funnel Cake Stadium Cart

Check out our new light up Stadium Cart for Funnel Cake! This stand is especially great for night or glow events!

Want to sell Funnel Cake at a fundraiser? We can help with that! This is a great stand to use to attract a crowd.

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Pretzel Stadium Cart

Our new Stadium Style Pretzel Cart lights up making it a great addition to any event, especially at night or for glow parties.

Want to sell Pretzels as a fundraiser? Rent this cart and attract a crowd!

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Kissing / Ticket Booth

Rent our Kissing Booth or Ticket Booths as fun props or for functionality!

They feature a counter and shelving to store all your tickets, wristbands, and funds.

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Mini Melts Stadium Cart

Our new Stadium Style Mini Melts Cart lights up making it a great addition to any event, especially at night or for glow parties.

Attract attention at a fundraiser! Mini Melts are a great, easy sell and this cart will do the advertising for you.

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Vintage Style Fun Food Carts

Bring a vintage, rustic feel to your event with our wood fun food carts! They come with a display stand and can be used as a prop, but our functioning popcorn or pretzel machines can easily sit on top and used to serve from.

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